record-scrub-icon1Do You Have A Criminal Record?

With over 85 Million people living with a criminal record in the United States it’s safe to say you are not alone. Criminal records hold you back from living with freedom and confidence. Are you tired of the judicial system cycle? It’s time to take action and live with a clear record.

record-scrub-icon2Criminal History is PUBLIC RECORD.

That’s right, your criminal records can be accessed by ANYONE. This includes employers, landlords, schools, banks, and your neighbors. Are you tired of being turned down for jobs because of your criminal history?

Although we do recommend using an attorney for all legal matters, you have the right to represent yourself.

record-scrub-icon3What Is Record Expungement?

There is a legal process available to individuals with a criminal history. Expungement helps you protect your public record by erasing arrests, charges, and convictions.  You must meet the eligibility requirements in the state which you were charged in.

record-scrub-icon4How Can We Help You?

We provide resources to help you learn about expungement and the long-term benefits of living with a clean criminal record. Our guides provide an easy way for you to understand what expungement options are available in your city and state.

After determining your eligibility you can decide if you prefer to work with an attorney, use a public defender, attend a free expungement clinic, or represent yourself.


Clean Record Club was founded in 2013 to help citizens with criminal records get back on their feet. We provide information on expungement resources in different states around the U.S.

Our mission is to help you discover how expungement can be a massive benefit to you and your family.

Feel free to message us at anytime regarding your questions. If you have questions for an attorney we can refer to you a law firm in your state. For questions about the guides or website please contact us at [email protected]